Photo Effects

Photo Effects Using Everyday Items

The future of the photography industry seems to be very bright and exciting. Ideas, both practical and sophisticated, are constantly available online. New generation photographers are unbounded and enthusiastic in their endeavor to create stunning imageries with the use of natural interventions during a photo shoot. And the good news is, with some cheap household items and a bit of creative energy, you can also easily produce unexpected, artsy and interesting images, all on your own.

Here are some examples of everyday inexpensive items that we can use to create photographic effects:
1. Spray bottle– by spraying a controlled amount of filtered water on the lens of the camera, you can create a fake mist or sun-flares, especially in the afternoon when the sun has gone down already and it’s challenging to get a standout image.
2. Prism– this gives cool reflections, light patterns, and sun-flares.
3. LED String Lights– very useful as either background or foreground element in images and turns your photo into a fantastic imagery.
4. Sparklers– Ever seen a great photograph with stunning bursts of light in the background? Romantic, beautiful and impressive, these twinkles of light are called “bokeh” that gives more meaning and emphasis on your photos.
5. Fog machine– which you can rent anywhere if you don’t have one at your home. This is used to reveal strengths of sun flooding in over dark areas of the scene.
6. Mirrors– are another handy prop that can create some exciting and unusual effects in a photo shoot. The image captured within the mirror can show the subject of the photo from a different and unexpected angle. You can also use the mirror as a reflector to brighten up a corner of your photograph or bathe your subject in extra light.

For those who are traditional photographers who want to keep their photos as natural as possible without any digital manipulations, this is for them.

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